In this blog, we are going to share information about Bungee Fitness Broken Arrow. Bungee fitness is a fun new approach to working out in Broken Arrow.

Instead of weights and machines, you use long elastic-resistant bands and bungee cords to provide tension for your movements. You attach the cords to pillars, walls or chairs.

Then you move any way that feels natural -walking, jumping, twisting – as the cords provide springy resistance. Your muscles have to work harder with each motion.

Why did I choose bungee? What are the benefits of bungee?

The bungee cords allow for a wide range of tension, so anybody can find the right intensity for a good workout. Beginners and advanced participants alike can benefit.

Because the cords stretch and recoil as you move, no two repetitions are exactly the same. Your workout feels spontaneous and dynamic.

The continuously changing resistance challenges your muscles in new ways with every movement. Whole-body motions that mimic real life are at the core of bungee fitness.


You use large muscle groups in your arms, legs, core and back with each exercise.


The interval-style training provided by Bungee Fitness keeps your heart rate elevated while also allowing brief rests between sets.

This cardiovascular challenge improves fitness. Bungee fitness workouts are extremely fun and liberating. You move however you want, there are no set routines or fixed positions.


Give bungee fitness a try in Broken Arrow if you want a fresh approach to exercise.


The freedom to move freely in a creative, spontaneous manner engages both your body and mind, leaving you energized, centred and empowered.


Now I am suggesting to you some bungee fitness studios in Broken Arrow. This will help you to choose the correct option for you.

Bungee Fitness Broken Arrow

Bungee Blast OK

This studio is dedicated to bungee fitness training. They specialize in bungee fitness workouts that use bungee cords and elastic bands to provide variable resistance for full-body, high-intensity interval training.

Their group classes and personal training aim to improve cardiovascular fitness, strength, mobility, flexibility and balance.

Currently, all of Bungee Blast OK’s classes are only offered in-studio. They do not offer any online or virtual classes at this time.

Membership and class packages include

  • Monthly Unlimited Membership: $49
  • 3-Month Unlimited Membership: $129
  •  6-Month Unlimited Membership: $239
  • Single classes are $20 for drop-ins.
  • Private bungee fitness training sessions are also available for $65 per hour or $300 for 6 one-hour sessions.

108 South 100 East Avenue Suite 207, Broken Arrow, OK 74012


(918) 457-5574

Planet Fitness

While not focused solely on bungee fitness, this gym has bungee machines and equipment available for members.

Planet Fitness does not specialize in or offer dedicated bungee fitness classes, they do have bungee fitness machines and equipment available for members to use.

This includes bungee fitness cable machines, cylinder machines and bungee cords/bands.

Members can incorporate bungee fitness-style workouts into their regular gym routines utilizing this equipment. Planet Fitness’ locations and services are only available in-studio. They do not offer any online/virtual classes at this time.

Membership prices at Planet Fitness

  • Basic membership: $10/month
  • Black Card membership: $22/month
  • (includes access to tanning beds, HydroMassage chairs, & more perks)
Multiple locations in Broken Arrow

(918) 251-0262


World Gym Bungee Fitness Broken Arrow

Also has bungee fitness machines and bands that members can incorporate into their workouts. While World Gym does not specialize in or offer dedicated bungee fitness classes.

Currently, all of World Gym’s facilities and services are only available in-studio. They do not offer any online or virtual classes at this time. They also have certified trainers.

Membership prices at World Gym

  • Basic membership: $29.99 – $39.99 per month
  • Premium membership: $59.99 per month
  • Student membership: $19.99 per month


Note:  All memberships include full access to all gym facilities and equipment, including the bungee fitness machines. 


3010 S Elm Pl, Broken Arrow, OK 74012


(918) 258-7700

CorePower Yoga Bungee Fitness Broken Arrow

Their main offerings are yoga classes like Vinyasa, Hot Yoga, Core Fusion and Restorative. They do not specialize in or offer dedicated bungee fitness classes.

Though primarily a yoga studio. However, some of their yoga classes incorporate bungee cords and resistant bands occasionally in order to provide elements of resistance training and bungee fitness.

This adds variety and benefits to some of their regular yoga routines. CorePower Yoga is only offering its classes in-studio. They do not have any online or virtual yoga classes at this time.

Membership options

  • Single class: $205
  • class pack: $85
  • Monthly unlimited membership: $119
  • Annual membership: $1,199 ($100 per month)

1600 S Hickory Ave Ste 210, Broken Arrow, OK 74012


(918) 213-9642

Xercise Fitness Bungee Fitness Broken Arrow

Offers multiple bungee fitness group classes per week led by certified instructors, in addition to bungee equipment for members.

Xercise Fitness specializes in group fitness classes in addition to personal training and gym memberships. Currently, all of their group fitness classes and gym facilities are only open and available for in-studio workouts. They do not offer any online/virtual classes at this time.

Xercise Fitness employs certified personal trainers and group fitness instructors, including those specialized in bungee fitness training.

Their group fitness class offerings include

Multiple bungee fitness classes per week led by certified bungee fitness instructors

  1. HIIT classes
  2. Cycle classes
  3. Bootcamp classes
  4. Yoga and Barre classes

Membership prices

  • Basic membership: $40/month
  • Premier membership: $55/month(*includes unlimited group fitness classes)
  • Single-group fitness classes are $10 for drop-in guests


2915 E 51st St Suite 100, Broken Arrow, OK 74011


(918) 252-5367


Those are some top options for locations offering bungee fitness classes, machines or equipment in and around Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. We shared the address, phone numbers and membership options so you choose Bungee Fitness (studio) Broken Arrow according to your needs.

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