Bungee Fitness in Maryland, Unlocked the door of fitness!

If staying in shape in a unique and exciting way appeals to you, bungee fitness classes could be a perfect match. Workouts incorporating bungee cords provide a fun new challenge for your muscles while improving strength, endurance, and flexibility. Bungee fitness classes let you experience all the health benefits of exercise in an entertaining and rejuvenating environment.

As a Maryland resident, there are several places you can go to participate in bungee fitness classes. Bungyogazone in Rockville offers bungee yoga classes that strengthen and lengthen muscles while enhancing balance and flexibility in a suspension yoga environment. Flight Fitness in Columbia features bungee fRUN classes – high-intensity interval training (HIIT) style workouts utilizing bungee cords.

Gravity Vault Fitness in Glen Burnie features bungee fitness boot camp classes along with TRX suspension training that builds full body strength. Xtend Barre Studio in Bethesda offers bungee barre classes that combine ballet, Pilates, and strength training using bungee cords for added resistance. Elements Fitness in Silver Spring has bungee fitness classes with a variety of workout formats from weights and cardio to high-intensity interval training.

Top Maryland Bungee Fitness Studios

You’re in luck if you love working out and living in Maryland! A lot of excellent studios provide bungee fitness sessions. We’ll talk about five of Maryland’s top studios in this blog post.

Therefore, there is a studio for you whether you want to increase your strength, endurance, or flexibility!

There are several top bungee fitness studios in Maryland offering residents fun and challenging workouts. Bungee Fitness uses elastic cords to provide dynamic resistance, making it a full-body workout that improves strength, endurance and flexibility.

While still easy on the joints, bungee workouts increase the intensity of traditional bodyweight exercises.

Bungee Fitness in Maryland

GirlFit Workout Studio, 2D Pole FIT, SynergyFX, Transformations Fitness for Women, Arenal Fitness, Brickhouse cardio club, Foundry Fitness, Fit Columbia and Gold’s Gym Crofton are all excellent choices for Marylanders seeking bungee fitness classes. Their bungee workouts incorporate cords, ropes, kettlebells and other functional equipment to challenge participants’ muscles in new and dynamic ways. The intensity and creativity of these studios’ bungee fitness programs set them apart, offering a unique workout experience that energizes and invigorates. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced exerciser, their bungee classes accommodate all fitness levels.

So ready to explore the best bungee fitness studio by sitting at home!

Flying Buddha Bungee Fitness in Maryland

Look no further than Flying Buddha Studio if you’re looking for a studio that offers bungee fitness lessons. They offer a range of lessons to fit everyone’s needs, and their instructors are exceptionally qualified and knowledgeable. Flying Buddha Studio is the ideal location for you to become healthy with bungee fitness courses, whether you’re a novice or a seasoned exerciser.


  1728 Eastern Ave, Baltimore, MD 21231 


Phone Number

 (410) 534-8282 

Fee Structure

Flying Buddha Bungee Fitness Studio offers multiple class packages and unlimited memberships starting at $15-$25 per class and $150-$270 for monthly memberships. Drop-in classes cost $25. Packages include:

  • 10 Class Package – $200 ($20 per class)
  • 20 Class Package – $350 ($17.50 per class)
  • Unlimited Monthly Membership – $150 to $270 per month depending on the number of classes taken


Several reviewers say the bungee fitness classes help reduce stress and improve mood. The playful nature of being suspended provides mental benefits in addition to the physical workout.

Customers say the classes can be modified for people of different fitness levels and abilities. Beginners and advanced participants alike find the workouts challenging.


Pros & Cons

  •  Free membership – No sign-up fees, just pay as you go.

  • Experienced and certified instructors who can guide you properly through the workouts.

  •  May be more expensive than other studios due to free membership. Class prices will likely be higher.

  • Bungee fitness workouts can be intense and challenging, so may not be suitable for all fitness levels.

Jamz Dance Studio

One of Maryland’s top dancing studios is Jamz Dancing Studio. For all ability levels, they provide a range of classes, including bungee fitness classes. Your dance aims will be assisted by their informed and skilled instructors.



 4730 Mountain Road, Suite #3 Pasadena, MD 21122 


  (410) 255-0204 

Fee Structure

  • Drop-in class fees: $20-$30 per class depending on dance style and instructor
  • Punch cards: Discounts for pre-purchasing multiple classes (6, 10 or 20 classes)
  • Monthly membership plans: Unlimited access to all classes for a monthly fee, typically $100-$200
  • Private lessons: $40-$80 per hour for one-on-one instruction
  • Performances/competitions: Additional costs for costumes, entry fees, etc. if participating in events

Bungee Fitness in Maryland

Reviews of Jamz Dance Studio

A fantastic dance studio that offers more than just hip-hop. My three daughters who go there are unable to imagine dancing anywhere else. They recently finished their first year on the Jamz Technical competition squad, and it is astonishing to watch how much their technique has grown in only the last 10 months. All of the teachers are beloved by my girls, and the staff is friendly and accommodating.

They choose students of the month, hold a holiday party, publish a newsletter every month, and the studio is fantastic all around. Additionally, amazing has been the parents and other dancers. They also provide classes for adults. I have so many wonderful things to say about this studio!

Next door, there is a county library, a 7/11 and a Subway.

“My kid has been attending Jamz for the past three years, and she likes it. She adores dancing and her teachers. All of the instructors get along well with the children. And the students clearly benefit from their expertise. The proof is the numerous awards received at each competition. The owners, managers, and instructors are all proud of what they accomplish. The children’s welfare and well-being come first.”


Pros & Cons

  • Jamz offers classes in hip-hop, ballet, jazz, tap and other popular dance styles

  • Professional instructors with experience in competitions and performances

  • Classes can be expensive – Typical rates range from $20-$30 per class

  • Classes may only be offered at certain times that do not align with all students’ schedules

Aerial Fun & Fitness Bungee Fitness in Maryland 

It’s easy to raise your heart rate and burn calories at Aerial Fun & Fitness. A 30-minute session of Bungee Fitness will help you raise your heart rate and burn 400 calories.

The harness can be challenging at first, but with our coaching assistance, we guarantee it will become effortless! We are also concentrating on strengthening the core by performing workouts off the ground or while held by bungee cords while balancing erect against them without dropping anything, similar to an uneven barbell plate competition (but much more pleasant).


 2201 Aliceanna St, Baltimore, MD 21231 

Phone Number

  (443) 854-0092 

Fee Structure

  • Drop-in classes: $20-$40 per class depending on length and apparatus used.
  • Punch cards: Discounts for pre-purchasing multiple classes (ex: 10 classes for $300)
  • Monthly unlimited memberships: Give access to all drop-in classes for one flat monthly fee ($150-$300).
  • Private lessons: $60-$100 for one-on-one instruction.
  • Workshops: Additional fees for in-depth training in specific techniques.

    Bungee Fitness in Maryland


“Each time, the professors are wonderful. An old friend welcomed me with open arms! I adored the bungee aerial acrobatics and swing yoga classes. I anticipate perhaps taking a drum fitness class.”


Pros & Cons

  • Aerial arts classes like trapezing, silks and hammocks improve strength, flexibility and confidence.

  • A unique workout builds both upper body and core strength.

  • Classes can be expensive, ranging from $20-$40 per class.

  • Injury risk is higher with aerial arts compared to traditional exercises.

GirlFit Workout Studio

Baltimore, Maryland’s GirlFit Workout Studio is a women-only bungee exercise facility. Your entire body will be toned and strengthened during their classes. They provide private and semi-private courses to help you get the most out of your training.


 1226 Hollins St, Baltimore, MD 21223 

Phone Number

 (410) 625-3030 

Fee Structure

  • Drop-in classes range from $20-$30 depending on the type of class
  • Punch cards for discounted rates when purchasing 10 or 20 classes
  • Monthly unlimited membership giving access to all classes for around $150-$200
  •  Semi-private and private training sessions for an additional fee


Pros & Cons

  • Classes catered specifically for women to build confidence and camaraderie

  • Convenient location in the downtown area

  • Higher fees compared to gym memberships

  • Limited schedule of classes

Arenal Fitness Bungee Fitness in Maryland

In Lutherville Timonium, Maryland, there is a bungee workout facility called Arenal Workout. They provide classes for all fitness levels.

You will learn the fundamentals of bungee fitness and how to operate the equipment in their beginner lessons. For individuals who wish to advance their workout, they also offer intermediate and advanced classes.

You may be confident that you are receiving top-notch teaching because they have instructors with more than 10 years of experience in aerial arts, including bungee fitness. Additionally, you may buy any Bungee equipment you might need for your home workouts at the on-site retail store.

Fee structure

  • 10 Class Pass – $150 ($15 per class)
  • 20 Class Pass – $270 ($13.50 per class)
  • Unlimited Monthly Membership – $220 per month
  • Drop-in Classes – $20 per class


Many reviewers mention that the classes help reduce stress levels and improve their mood. The playful nature of the bungee exercises provides mental benefits.

Both beginners and experienced fitness enthusiasts find the workouts challenging and effective. The instructors modify exercises to accommodate different fitness levels.


Pros & Cons

  •  Numerous possibilities for personal training and group exercise programmes

  • Certified trainers and instructors with experience developing custom fitness programs

  •  Location not specified. Further research would be required to determine the vicinity.

  • Specific fees and membership options are not known without more information about the studio.




Transformations Fitness for Women

In Stevensville, Maryland, there is a women-only bungee workout facility called Transformations Workout for Women. Both group and private lessons are available.

To ensure that you receive individualised attention from the instructor, their group classes are limited to a maximum of 10 students. Additionally, they have a nutritionist on staff who may assist you in creating a healthy eating strategy.


 639 Central Avenue Suite B, Edgewater, MD 21037 

Phone Number

 (410) 956-8282 

Fee Structure

  •  Drop-in/per-class fees range from $20-$30
  •  Punch cards for a discount when purchasing multiple classes
  •  Monthly memberships provide unlimited access to group fitness classes, around $100-$200
  • Nutrition coaching and custom meal plans also available for a fee


Pros & Cons

  • Women-only facility providing a safe and supportive environment

  • A wide range of classes and programs focused on women’s fitness needs

  • Membership and class fees tend to be higher compared to co-ed gyms

  • Limited hours of operation


If you’re in search of a studio that offers bungee fitness lessons. Then you don’t need to worry. Because in this article I have described many studios for bungee fitness. Bungee Fitness in Maryland is the best option for you. You can read all of them and then be able to choose one of the best studios for yourself. They offer a variety of classes to fit everyone’s needs. And their instructors are exceptionally skilled and qualified.

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