In this blog, we are going to discuss 5 Secret hubs to Unlock the Power of Bungee Fitness in Wichita KS. So Are you ready? Let me share some things about bungee. Bungee fitness is a playful, bouncy way to work out. You use long rubber bands and bungee cords as resistance instead of weights or machines. You attach the cords to different anchor points around the room – walls, chairs, and poles. Then you jump, run, squat and move in all kinds of fun ways while the cords provide tension and springy resistance with every move.

The cords automatically adjust as you move further or closer to the anchors, so the workout feels unpredictable and dynamic. Each movement demands something different from your muscles. You use large muscle groups like your legs, back and arms with every exercise. The continuous motion keeps your heart rate elevated, mimicking interval training.

Why did I choose bungee instead of other exercises?

So now the question arouses in your mind why bungee?  Let me explain now, The freedom of movement is what makes bungee fitness so enjoyable. There are no fixed positions or routines, you can improvise and be creative with your workout. The bungee cords allow for an unlimited range of resistance, so beginners and advanced participants can both find the right intensity for a good challenge. Bungee gives you freedom and fun with an intense workout. People choose bungee because they want fun with intense workouts.

Bungee fitness is a playful escape from traditional workouts. The bouncing, swinging and flying feels like a joyful game rather than exercise. But before you know it, you’ve had a full-body cardiovascular challenge that leaves you smiling.

 There are several businesses in Wichita that offer bungee fitness classes and workouts. Following are some bungee fitness studios situated in Wichita KS: 


Bungee Fitness in Wichita KS

Bungee Fitness Wichita

This is the top choice for dedicated bungee fitness classes. They offer group and private bungee fitness classes for all levels. The instructors are certified in bungee fitness training. They offer both group and private bungee fitness classes led by certified instructors. The group classes are offered at different levels to accommodate all skill levels and fitness needs. Their group classes are offered in-studio (offline) only at this time. They do not offer online or virtual classes.

Memberships and class packages are available
  • 10 Class Pass: $149
  • Month to Month Membership: $45 per month (unlimited classes)
  • 3-Month Membership: $129 (unlimited classes for 3 months)
  • 6-Month Membership: $229 (unlimited classes for 6 months)
  • Drop-in single classes are $18 for members and $20 for non-members.
 Private bungee fitness training sessions are also available at an hourly rate of $75. Packages of 3, 6 or 12 private sessions are offered for discounted rates. 

522 N. Broadway St., Wichita, KS 67202


(316) 685-2800

Body Gym Fitness

This gym offers both bungee fitness machines and group bungee fitness classes. The classes incorporate bungee cords, bands, and weights for a total body workout. Their group fitness classes are currently offered in-studio only, not online. This includes the bungee fitness classes.

Membership prices at Body Gym Fitness
  • Day pass: $15
  • Monthly membership: $29.99
  • 3 months membership: $79
  •  6 months membership: $139
  •  12 months membership: $249
 Group fitness classes are included in all memberships at no additional charge. 

They have a variety of bungee fitness machines available for members to use, including:

  1. Bungee fitness cable machines
  2. Bungee cylinder machines
  3. Bungee jungle gyms with cords and bands

1401 N. Broadway, Wichita, KS 67214


(316) 943-2700


Bungee Fitness in Wichita KS

Redstone Pilates Bungee Fitness in Wichita KS

Primarily a Pilates studio, Redstone incorporates bungee cords and bands into some of their Reformer and Mat classes. This offers elements of bungee fitness training. Their Reformer and Mat Pilates classes that incorporate bungee cords and bands aim to improve core strength, flexibility, posture and balance. The bungee component provides additional resistance training benefits. Currently, all Redstone Pilates classes are offered in-studio only. They do not offer any online/virtual classes at this time.

Membership and class packages at Redstone Pilates
  • 10 Class Pass: $149
  • Unlimited Monthly Membership: $95 per month
  • Semi-Annual Membership: $499 (6 months, unlimited classes)
  • Annual Membership: $899 (12 months, unlimited classes)
  • Single classes are $22 for drop-in.

209 N. Elgin St., Wichita, KS 67208


(316) 843-8588

Snap Fitness Bungee Fitness in Wichita KS

Snap Fitness does not offer dedicated bungee fitness classes, they do have bungee fitness machines and equipment available for members to use and incorporate into their workouts. This includes bungee fitness cable machines, cylinder machines, and jungle gyms with bungee cords and bands. Members can choose to do bungee fitness-style workouts on their own using this equipment. All of Snap Fitness’ facilities and services are currently only available in-studio. They do not offer any online or virtual classes at this time.

Membership prices at Snap Fitness
  • Standard membership: $35-45 per month
  • Premium membership: $50-65 per month
  • Student membership: $15-25 per month
 Memberships include 24/7 access to the gym facilities and all equipment, including the bungee fitness machines. 


So by reading this blog, you can say that Bungee Fitness in Wichita KS is the best option for fitness. Wichita offers a variety of top bungee fitness studios, each with its own unique schedules, memberships and training programs. Choose the studio that best fits your needs and budget, and start pushing your limits and achieving your fitness goals with the joy of bungee training. Enjoy Bungee Fitness in Wichita KS!

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